Thermodynamics of nonideal plasma mixtures

This project is concerned with properties of matter in extrem conditions of high density and temperatures of some eV. This region of the phase diagram of matter is often called Warm Dense Matter. In order to develop a better understanding of warm dense matter, a further development of the specific thermodynamics is of special importance. Until now, theoretical studies mainly concentrate on plasmas consisting of hydrogen-like particles. Indeed, hydogen-like particles, that means hydrogen itself, but also onefold ionized helium and fivefold ionized carbon atoms, play an important role in astrophysical plasmas and are of interest for laboratory experiments. For instance, one meets hydrogen-like carbon ions as target material in beam-plasma interaction experiments.

Thus, a careful recalculation of the partition function of dense charged carbon plasmas is necessary. Recently, recalculations of the particion function of dense carbon plasmas taking into account density-dependent and temperature-dependent energy levels of the carbon ions are being performed. There such effects as the variation of the shielding of the Coulomb potential, dynamic self-energy corrections of the charges, the Pauli blocking of parts of the momentum space available for scattering processes, and the finite lifetime of two-particle states occur. Concerning the relative energy level shifts by increasing plasma density, the studies are based on earlier investigations by Ebeling, Kraeft, Röpke, Kilimann, and Bornath. This earlier results have to be improved taking also into account the dependence of the relative energy level shifts on the orbital angular momentum quantum number.

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