Peer Reviewed Publications/Conference Proceedings

CAST Collaboration

  1. Results on axion physics from the CAST Experiment at CERN
    Eleftheriadis, C. for the CAST Collaboration, 2007, Proceedings of Les Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste, La Thuile
  2. An improved limit on the axion-photon coupling from the CAST experiment
    The CAST Collaboration, Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 4, 10, 2007

Publications of the Detector Groups

  1. Background studies and shielding effects for the TPC detector of the CAST experiment
    Luzon, G. et al., New Journal of Physics 9, 7, 208 (2007)
  2. The X-ray telescope of CAST
    Kuster, M. et al., New Journal of Physics, 2007, New Journal of Physics 9, 6, 169-+ (2007) [arXiv:physics/0702188]

Theses on CAST

  1. Search for solar axions with the CCD detector at CAST (CERN Axion Solar Telescope)
    Kang, Dongwha, PhD Thesis, Uni Freiburg, 2007
  2. Simulation der Refraktion im Konversionsvolumen des CERN Axion Solar Telescope (CAST)
    Weber, Dennis, Bachelor Thesis, TU Darmstadt, 2006 (in German only)

Reviews and Background Reading

Axion Physics

  1. Axions - Theory, Cosmology and Experimental Searches
    M. Kuster, G. Raffelt, B. Beltrán (eds.) Lecture Notes in Physics 741 (2008)

Astroparticle Physics

  1. Stars and Fundamental Physics
    Raffelt, G. G., Contribution to ESO-CERN-ESA Symposium on Astronomy, Cosmology and Fundamental Physics, 2002
  2. Particle Physics from Stars
    Raffelt, G. G., Ann. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci. 49, 163-216, 1999
  3. Stars as Laboratories for Fundamental Physics
    Raffelt, G. G., The University of Chicago Press, Chicago & London (1996)
  4. Astrophysical Methods to constrain axions and other novel particle phenomena
    Raffelt, G. G., Physics Reports 198, 1-113, 1990

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