Course Physics for ETiT - SS 2010



Prof Dr. Dr. h.c./RUS D.H.H. Hoffmann
Dr. S. Udrea

Date and location:
Tuesday, 09.50-11.30
Room: S206/030
Start date: 13.04.2010

Thursday, 09.50-11.30
Room: S206/030
Start date: 15.04.2010

Date and location:
See exercise groups and dates
Start date: 13.04.2009

Tuesday or thursday after the lecture or by arrangement
Start date: 13.04.2008

by arrangement
Room: S214/116
Start date: 22.04.2010

Attendance requirements:
No specific conditions

Attendance requirements:
The exercise groups will accompany the lecture "Physik I für ETiT". The interest in physical problems and mathematical knowledge (school level) will be required.

Mechanics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, optics, atomic physics, nuclear physics

The exercises are based on the lecture "Physik für ETiT", and also require some degree of self-study.

Course cycle:
every sommer semester

Course cycle:
every sommer semester



Exercise groups

Exercise sheets
Will usually published on Tuesdays, about one week before the hand in, within a short time after the lecture. Exception: The exercise sheets 0, 1 and 2 all appear in the 15th calendar week (12th-18th April 2010) and will be discussed in the 15th, 16th and 17th calendar week.

Hand in
All groups, usually on wednesday at 12:00 o'clock at the mailbox (ground floor, in the right of the entrance) in the Institute of Nuclear Physics (S2|14). Exercises 0 and 1 are not to hand in! Exercise 2 is to be hand in on Wed 21/04/2010
ATTENTION: Please indicate your name, first name and group number on your task!! Too late handed in tasks or exercises without a clearly legible indication of name, first name and group number will not be rated!!
  • Group 1: Dienstags, 08:00-09:40 Uhr, room S103/126
    Tutor: S. El Moussati
  • Group 2: Dienstags, 08:00-09:40 Uhr, room S103/102
    Tutor: S. Hauf
  • Group 3: Dienstags, 11:40-13:20 Uhr, room S306/146
    Tutor: P. Lang
  • Group 4: Dienstags, 11:40-13:20 Uhr, room S214/114
    Tutor: D. Nowakowski
  • Group 5: Donnerstags, 08:00-09:40 Uhr, room S103/164
    Tutor: J. Gronefeld
  • Group 6: Donnerstags, 08:00-09:40 Uhr, room S103/113
    Tutor: Y. El Hayek
  • Group 7: Donnerstags, 08:00-09:40 Uhr, room S103/112
    Tutor: S. Busold
  • Group 8: Donnerstags, 14:25-16:05 Uhr, room S306/146
    Tutor: S. Bedacht
  • Group 9: Donnerstags, 14:25-16:05 Uhr, room S114/265
    Tutor: F. Fülbert
  • Group 10: Donnerstags, 16:15-17:55 Uhr, room S207/109
    Tutor: F. Mink

Course materials and exercises

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exercises and materials of the lecture

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